Collage of Photos of Dominique

Dominique was born in the Normandy countryside amongst brown leaves and light rain.

She went to school like most children, at eleven years old she learnt to play piano like many children and at fifteen unlike many she discovered the harp.

After classical music studies at the university of Montpelier and Toulouse she went out to learn her profession, and that was to be by meeting musicians from different backgrounds and styles.

She played across the ‘trad’ scene, in Irish sessions, and in a medieval duo. She played with jazz men and with Latin American bands.

She now composes for the harp with the richness and diversity of that mixture, a music that is melodic and uplifting.

Today she lives in the Aude in the south of France.

She plays regularly in concert accompanied by Ismael Dervish, Mandolin, percussion and cello and Theresa Gowan, violin and alto.

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